Our Pastors

Pastor Lucell Trammer, II is founder and Senior Pastor of Dove Church. Pastor Trammer is a gifted, spirit-filled, and engaging preacher / teacher of the uncompromising Word of God. He delivers a message, steeped in biblical truths, with clarity and understanding and in a down to earth, common sense approach. You will be blessed and challenged by every message to embrace all the promises of God for your life.

Hearing his messages will reveal just how much he loves to teach the word of God and see lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He holds a BA degree from Wayne State University, a Master of Religious Studies in Theology and Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Logos Christian College.

Pastor Trammer was a social worker in the city of Detroit for twelve years, as well as a certified grief counselor before his elevation to full time pastorate.

In May of 1990 he along with his wife, Marcella, founded Dove Church, a non-denominational, full gospel ministry. Under his pastorate Dove Church continues to grow and prosper in the inner-city southwest section of Detroit.

Pastor Trammer is a community activist involving himself and the church in neighborhood revitalization projects.

He considers his greatest ministry to be the head of his family, husband to Marcella, father to his son and daughter, and being a grandfather.


Pastor Marcella Trammer (affectionately known as Pastor Marcy) is a gifted, anointed and faithful woman of God. She shares the Word of God boldly, with an adeptness that captures the heart of the hearer, as she teaches the full counsel of God.

Marcella is a graduate of Wayne State University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Pastor Marcy was ordained in 1994 and began serving as Co-Pastor of Dove Church.  She leads the church spiritually with her passion for worship and praising the Lord, and emphasizes that worship is a lifestyle.  She considers it a privilege to give back to God.  Every blessing that He gives to us should be poured back to Him in praise.  She admonishes worshippers to honor God and go before Him with thanksgiving.


Under her leadership, people are challenged to grow as disciples of Christ and as the salt of the earth.  Her desire is that our place of worship is God’s habitation, and that it will be the place where people can come and find grace to help in time of need.


Pastor Marcy’s ministry is to her family, God’s people and the world that Jesus came to die for.  Her goal is to help, to nourish, and to mature, that we might walk in the perfect will of God.




Our Leadership

Our leadership team is combination of pastors, elders, and ministers.  This team is led by our senior pastor and co-pastor, and they oversee the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church.


  • Lucell Trammer, II, Senior Pastor
  • Marcella Trammer, Co-Pastor
  • Leroy & Emily Williams, Sr, Elders
  • Shirley Tutt, Elder
  • Lucell Trammer, III, Minister
  • Larrance Walters, Minister
  • Sherry Holt-Campbell, Minister
  • Dora Evans, Minister
  • Katina Butler, Minister
  • Helene McKithen, Minister
  • Rosalee Smith, Minister

Dove Church is protected by a team of trustees who oversee the finances of the church and provide counsel to the senior pastor regarding the by-laws of Dove Church.

  • Lucell Trammer, II
  • Marcella Trammer
  • Leroy Williams, Sr.
  • Shirley Tutt
  • Timothy Smith
  • Dora Evans
  • Katina Butler
  • Will McKithen
  • Brittany Woods

Just as Dove Church endeavors to provide solid leadership for its members, Dove Church is accountable to spiritual oversight as well.  Our overseer is Bishop Joseph Garlington Sr., the nationally respected pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh.  Dove Church is also an active member of Reconciliation Ministries International.


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