The Bible, which is God’s word to us, is “good news”.  It’s not just good advice, but it’s good news.  The best part of that good news is the fact that God loved us and sent Jesus for all of us.  God’s love is unconditional, in that it does not matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done.  It far surpasses our understanding and is the greatest love you will ever encounter.

God gave the world His only Son to die in our place on the cross.  And because God raised Jesus from the dead, He is alive today and lives forever.  (“Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 NKJV)

All people, whether we realize it or not, need Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We are in no way perfect and have broken the laws of God.  We were born in sin, all of us.  But instead of judgment and condemnation, God poured on us His love and allowed Jesus to take our place when we deserved death, to bear our sins, so that we could be forgiven and made new, simply by accepting His great love.  Through Him, you can start all over again.

The foot of the cross is the ultimate destination in life.  Your acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice, or your rejection of it, determines your future life.  If you do not believe that Jesus died for you, then you will remain the same, being gripped by sin and dying by its penalty, with certainty of eternal judgment in Hell and banishment from God.  But if you believe that Jesus rose from the grave, achieving victory over the cross of death, and you accept that He paid your penalty, you will never be the same.

God knows us by name and has a plan for us as individuals.  Once we trust Him to save us and live with Him eternally, He will abide in our hearts and lead us into the path He has formed for us.  Through all our future struggles and issues of life, we will have a permanent friend, Jesus.  He is a friend that will comfort us, provide strength, give us wisdom, and give us peace of mind.  These are things everybody needs — comfort, strength, wisdom, and peace.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed and your heart may not be as tender toward God as it is right now.  Start a relationship with God now. It’s an awesome journey.  And whatever you’re going through, you’re going to go through it anyway, but you’ll have the Almighty God of the universe to go through it with you.

If you have not given Jesus your heart, you can enter into His wonderful kingdom by simply asking Him to receive you.  We can help you right now.  Just repeat this prayer:

“Father, I want to give You my heart right now.  I believe that Your love for me is the greatest gift of all and that You sent Jesus for me.  I repent of my sins and I accept Jesus as my risen Savior.  I thank You for loving and accepting me without conditions.  I thank You for forgiving me.  I trust You now to lead me in my new life with You.”

If you prayed this prayer, we are so happy for you and thank God for your life in Him!!  You will need a church family so you can learn and grow in the kingdom of God.  We invite you to become a part of our family.  Please give us the opportunity to nurture your Christian journey.  Our contact info is on this website.  You can call us, email us, or come to the church.  We’d love to meet you and embrace you!

Your brothers and sisters,
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